Galleries 2015

Wohl Central Hall

In the Wohl Central Hall, the eye is immediately drawn upwards to the rainbow corona of Liam Gillick’s Applied Projection Rig.  Gillick’s installation deliberately alters our perception of the architectural space it inhabits. The piece reacts both with and against the architecture, inviting the viewer to see the space in a different way, through another window.  

Matthew Darbyshire’s figure Doryphoros, based on an Ancient Greek statue but made from very modern materials, is appropriately placed in the centre of the room.  Movement and colour are also present in the monumental painting by Christopher Le Brun PRA; its brilliant oranges and reds are vividly highlighted against the turquoise wall. The monochromatic sculptural ceramics by Andrew Lord and the two paintings by Michael Simpson flanking the door into Gallery VI counterbalance the energetic colour elsewhere in the room.