Galleries 2015


This year’s Hanging Committee has abundant experience of shaping shows, and Mick Rooney RA has put his to good use in Gallery VIII. The artists represented in this room come from different generations, and his approach was to focus on their personalities as well as their work.  

Included here is the memorial display for the late William Bowyer RA. Rooney recalls his first taste of hanging the Summer Exhibition soon after his election in 1990. It was the seasoned Bowyer who showed him the ropes, passing on his rich experience of moulding the show.  

Rooney admits that he found it difficult to separate the paintings from the people, and a mixture of respect and affection is clear in his hang. He particularly admires the enduring energy of the senior painter Academicians Anthony Eyton and Jeffery Camp, whose work is placed here. Rooney’s own oils are here too, surrounded by so many friends. Their magical narrative quality fits perfectly within in the overall hang. 

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