Galleries 2015


This is the second of the two print galleries hung by Norman Ackroyd RA. The location of the print rooms at the heart of the exhibition, flanked by galleries devoted to painting, reinforces the connection between these two forms of artistic expression.  

The position of Lilith am Roten Meer, a vitrine by Anselm Kiefer Hon RA, on the central axis of the enfilade, counterbalances the wonderful bronze figure in the first of the print galleries, the work of another Honorary Academician, Mimmo Paladino.

There is great variety in the subjects of the prints, from Tracey Emin’s group of animals, so beautifully and sparely described, to the abstract woodblock prints of the most recently elected Royal Academician, Rebecca Salter, whose restrained works appear almost to emanate light. Five of Ackroyd’s own landscapes are placed at one end of the space. The subtlety of shading and form that he achieves in his etchings is a masterclass in printmaking. 

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